I’ve had the joy of dog sitting this last week, an absolute gem of a Labrador. Not wanting my new 4 legged side kick Juno to get in the way of my dining I had to rethink some of my moves.

A sunny Wednesday found me caring for a friends son, hosting a pooch and meeting a pal with a baby! All hungry and eager for some lunch we were quite the awkward table. Not if you are visiting Laghi’s deli though.

This independent deli and restaurant found at the top of Five Ways is a true Italian gem. From quality food, to friendly service and accommodating prices- these folks are doing all the right things.

The presence of a dog and a 6 month old didn’t baffle the host of waiters. Lunchtime trade saw them busy but service was still attentive. They were happy to talk us through the generous lunchtime menu where one course and drink sets you back £8.99 and you can have 2 courses for £12.99. The place mats also include Italian facts and some of the language to practice with the native waiting staff.

Nine year old Noah, had 2 courses starting with a garlic bread and following with a vegetable pizza. We roared with laughter as the garlic bread arrived, pizza size. A kind fellow he shared a few slices and his hollow legs teamed with the light and fluffy dough meant there was little evidence left. My bruschetta was piles high with ripe tomatoes and well seasoned and topped with parmesan.

Mains included a chicken Milanese served with salad and crunchy fries, a deep-fried calzone (panzerotti), an Italian street food was oozing with ricotta. Noah’s pizza was thin crust and gooey with cheese and an assortment of Mediterranean vegetables. Even he was beaten by the size and took a few slices home for dinner.

We took a sneaky peak at the dessert menu but we had, had our fill. It turned out we were chatting with the pastry chef who was keen to talk and had been helping on the floor over a busy lunch. She keenly recommended the donuts (bombolini) she makes, so we grabbed a couple to take away. Light and fluffy and filled with Nutella, custard or homemade jam. Bouissimo!

The deli has coffee and sandwiches to take away (check out their in-house focaccia), Italian produce to buy and runs a more extensive menu in the evening with a host of specials depending upon what is seasonal.

A recent acquaintance was talking business to me and said that there are 3 pillars to consider: price, convenience and quality and often the three do not align- I have been thinking about this lately, often in relation to food (naturally). Here at Laghi’s they have it al! I look forward to returning!