Spring weather truly had landed with our city centre walk on March 4th. Sunny start, raining interval and then the pleasure of a huge rainbow, that really did stretch the metropolises skyline. You could actually see one end, seems the pot of gold must have been at the other colourful end. Spring is a time of news beginnings and celebrated in many ways with the lighter, longer days, the bloom of nature awakening and the Vernal equinox fast approaching. A host of festivals recognise this in bright and colourful ways from, carnival Madis Gras Holi to Easter plus St. Patricks day on the way-there is lots to keep us busy and excited!

The same rings true for the city of Birmingham. There is a buzz of intrigue with new ventures opening up, some big brands that now want to give the 2nd city a chance (T2 tea in the Bullring for instance, Tom's Kitchen in the Mailbox), independent's that have blossomed on the cities outskirts have now gone big and glamorous (Damascena Coffee House Moseley). Plus new, fresh ventures opened (Lone Wolf) and a tasty deli in Moseley (Sapori DI Sole) plus plans in the making still to be born - a host of brewery's and a new Atkar Islam's new Italian in Selfridges. 

I too am on my own journey, one of discovery and intrigue, fun with a little bit of fear. The food tour has had lots of interest and all I know, learn and want to share is exciting. Look forward to hosting you on this adventure through the city's past, present and future through food and merriment.