After an amazing New York adventure over the festive season we are fully immersed back in the land of work and relaity. The jean buttons are feeling a little tighter and the purse strings a tad knotted but that is no reason to be sitting at home, when there is so much going on in Birmingham.

Very excited to be putting the final touches to the food tour. It has been a hard slog taste testing all the food and menu reading! But rest assured only the finest treats make it through the door of our walking journey.

My Mr has secured a rentable spot with his fab pal Dan for their brewing adventure in a secret location Moseley way. So we toasted the news with a friends and food- a Spanish burger and a home brew beer flight, all went down rather well .The year so far is off to a an exciting start.

The food scape of Birmingham changes on a weekly basis and there is always new places to try out. This week I am most intrigued by the Indian Brewery company who have recently opened a new craft beer, artisan coffee and Indian street food venture...with no menu to read but whispers of a breakfast options that features a bacon butty in naan bread I hold high hopes. Off to try it on Tuesday so watch this space!

Perhaps I should invest in some new looser jeans in the January sale!