Best places in Birmingham to buy foodie treats. 

This Christmas I am keen to avoid buying nonsense that people don't need  - it only ends up cluttering houses and even more commonly lying in land fill spaces. Instead, I would rather support local businesses and share a little luxury in the form of food and drink treats that you can indulge with loved ones during the festive feasts that end December. These treat stops are not just for Christmas...they are all year loveliness! 

Andersons Deli 

I love this small deli space crammed with offerings that make it a slice of foodie heaven in the Great Western Arcade. The welcoming staff are connoisseurs in cheese and beyond. They are keen to offer advice and samples (oh go on!) to ensure you get just what you were looking for – even if you didn't know what it was. It is not unusual to see huge platters of cured meats and cheese being sent across to the arcades neighbours , Loki Wine, where you could pop in for wine lovers gifts too. Best for cheese, meat, condiments and chutneys. 

Hard to find Whisky 

There aren't many shops you need to get buzzed into...this is one! Half museum, half shop, there are some magnificently rare find whiskies in these four walls and it is staffed by walking whisky encyclopedias. It is an afternoon out for spirit lovers without indulging on all that is on offer. Their tasting events and workshops would make delightful gifts too. They also stock a wide range of other spirits. Best for boozy gifts and experiences. 

York's Cafe  

This Birmingham born coffee shop brand not only sells delicious drinks and nibbles, they also have the gadgets you need to make brews at home. From ergonomic tea pots to snazzy coffee presses they have lots to offer for the coffee fanatic and tea guzzler in your life. Sitting back with a cuppa and a cake while shopping, who said gift buying was tiring! If you are at the Ikon branch, pop into the gallery gift shop for all your cards, books and jewellery needs. Best for coffee and tea fanatics. 

Naturally Healthy Foods 

Tucked away in a back street in Digbeth next to the Warehouse café, this little gem of a shop has lots of treats for those who are following specialist diets or need to consider allergies. Looking for stocking fillers for vegans or gluten free delights? This is a one stop shop. There are international products and local produce. They frequently run tasting days, so you can sample products to see if they suit your tastes. Best for vegans, vegetarians and diet specific gifts. 

Miss Macaroon 

Changing the world one macaroon at a time. Conscious clear consumption, this community interest company means profits from the sales of their artisan macaroons are ploughed back into the business to assist in offering training opportunities for young adults to gain patisserie qualifications and work experience. The macaroons sing for themselves a host of exotic, tantalising flavours and colours scientifically created using skills and technology that means they are moreish on the eye and even more on the mouth. You can even design your own and have them delivered. Best for shared indulgence. 

The Chocolate Quarter 

John Cadbury and the Bournville factory means Birmingham is famed for its chocolate and it is a pleasure to find cocoa creations still made in the city. A husband and wife duo who make all their own chocolates on site, you can see the marble tops in use as they experiment with new truffles and products. A hot urn of pure hot chocolate churns in store and the smell engages the taste buds. Lots of gifts to choose from for all desires and ages plus a host of chocolate experiences that can be bought as v

Evolving City March 2017

Evolving City March 2017

Spring weather truly had landed with our city centre walk on March 4th. Sunny start, raining interval and then the pleasure of a huge rainbow, that really did stretch the metropolises skyline. You could actually see one end, seems the pot of gold must have been at the other colourful end. Spring is a time of news beginnings and celebrated in many ways with the lighter, longer days, the bloom of nature awakening and the Vernal equinox fast approaching. A host of festivals recognise this in bright and colourful ways from, carnival Madis Gras Holi to Easter plus St. Patricks day on the way-there is lots to keep us busy and excited!

The same rings true for the city of Birmingham. There is a buzz of intrigue with new ventures opening up, some big brands that now want to give the 2nd city a chance (T2 tea in the Bullring for instance, Tom's Kitchen in the Mailbox), independent's that have blossomed on the cities outskirts have now gone big and glamorous (Damascena Coffee House Moseley). Plus new, fresh ventures opened (Lone Wolf) and a tasty deli in Moseley (Sapori DI Sole) plus plans in the making still to be born - a host of brewery's and a new Atkar Islam's new Italian in Selfridges. 

I too am on my own journey, one of discovery and intrigue, fun with a little bit of fear. The food tour has had lots of interest and all I know, learn and want to share is exciting. Look forward to hosting you on this adventure through the city's past, present and future through food and merriment.


2017 a fun new beginning..

2017 a fun new beginning..

After an amazing New York adventure over the festive season we are fully immersed back in the land of work and relaity. The jean buttons are feeling a little tighter and the purse strings a tad knotted but that is no reason to be sitting at home, when there is so much going on in Birmingham.

Very excited to be putting the final touches to the food tour. It has been a hard slog taste testing all the food and menu reading! But rest assured only the finest treats make it through the door of our walking journey.

My Mr has secured a rentable spot with his fab pal Dan for their brewing adventure in a secret location Moseley way. So we toasted the news with a friends and food- a Spanish burger and a home brew beer flight, all went down rather well .The year so far is off to a an exciting start.

The food scape of Birmingham changes on a weekly basis and there is always new places to try out. This week I am most intrigued by the Indian Brewery company who have recently opened a new craft beer, artisan coffee and Indian street food venture...with no menu to read but whispers of a breakfast options that features a bacon butty in naan bread I hold high hopes. Off to try it on Tuesday so watch this space!

Perhaps I should invest in some new looser jeans in the January sale!